Who is The Cowboy Realtor?

Christopher Fontenot

Email: Cowboy@TheCowboyRealtor.com
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Howdy! Who am I?

Around here I am known as THE one and ONLY Cowboy Realtor! My team are my pose and together we are called The Cowboy Realtor Team! Yes, I was born and raised in south-east Texas. I am every bit of what you think a Texan is. I drive the big truck and love to fish. Sweet tea is the best thing in the world and I am pretty sure you can live off it. I treat others with respect and say yes ma’am and no sir, and y’all holler if you need somethin, and yes, I call all sodas Coke. Hard work for me is not a challenge, it is a daily activity that I look forward to. I may wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat over a suite but my people will always get the utmost professional service not only while in the process of buying/selling but for years to come. I also know that my hard work and dedication to assisting my clients every hour of every day is only made possible by the support of my beautiful and amazing wife. Jessica and I have been married for 5 years now and I am also celebrating my 5th year as a realtor. What led me to the real estate profession was my desire to develop my knowledge of the industry in order to fulfill my dream to invest in real estate holdings and build a business empire.

Ironically I have been in the real estate game for 5 years which is the same amount of years as I have been married. My wife Jessica and I have 4 dogs that include 3 pugs and 1 boxer. When I am not working hard I enjoy fishing, board games, PlayStation and recently experiencing the world of golf.

I love assisting my clients every hour of every day and make them my priority! So if you’re looking for a run of the mill agent I am afraid that is not where you have landed. If you are looking for someone to be your lifetime real estate professional, then now you are talking.

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